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The Wedding Dress

Sometimes a book’s storytelling is so deliciously enchanting that a glance at the back of the book seems scandalous. I can’t risk diminishing the pleasure of discovering the story as it unfolds. I don’t want to be told what the book is about; I want to experience it as the …

pearl in the sand

Leaping Faith

My husband teases me for keeping a red pen near when I read novels. Yes, sometimes that crimson friend is for marking missed errors that will be compiled into an email to the editor. More often, however, that pen is for noting things of significance. Good fiction can cut right …

My Foolish Heart (Book Tour)

If you have not yet read a book by Susan May Warren, get thee to a bookstore. Remedy the situation as quickly as humanly possible. I was first introduced to this author when her publicists sent me Nothing But Trouble,  the first in the PJ Sugar series, in 2009. I loved …

Live Event with Liz Curtis Higgs

Liz Curtis Higgs came to our church last year for our spring women’s conference. (Some of you may remember the urinals.) She is HYSTERICAL. I loved it! Huge contrast to her deeply emotional, dramatic novels — which I also love. Her historical novels typically spring from a book of the …

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