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Learning to Worry Big

My husband recently returned from his third trip of the year. This time he was in London for a week. Without the rest of us. Weird things happen when we are left without him. Ellie, for one, expects to sleep in my bed every night and spend every afternoon shopping. …

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I wrote a book. Okay, so that’s not really news since I’ve written a number of books. The real news is … I now have a published book! This book, written in journal-like style, offers inspirational insights gleaned in the midst of what I considered a mundane life. Can God be found between …

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Learning to Be Less

On this particular day I’ve been invited to participate in: a 5K to raise funds for my kids’ school a 5K to raise awareness about human trafficking and support a local rescue home a women’s brunch and Bible study at my church a Community Day fair at our local park …


It’s okay to be rained on.

Sometimes the cyclone of activity around me fuels energy, productivity and gratitude. Other times it paralyzes me. I crumble beneath its force, feeling fully inadequate to stand, much less make any progress. Not long ago I wrote about being over-committed and loving it. This week I’m not loving it. In …


Celebrating Passover

My kids know the history behind Passover and can relate the Old Testament stories. They talk of the plagues and the Red Sea and Pharoah’s stubborn heart, but, since we’re not Jewish and most of their Jewish friends aren’t practicing, they miss a lot of its power. They forget that …

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A Tale of Two Houses

In Matthew 7 Jesus tells a slew of parables. At first glance, they may seem like tiny, unrelated vignettes. First we read of logs and specks in eyes and the challenge not to be hypocritical. We have dogs, pearls and pigs, which seems to suggest wise stewardship of our time …

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I’m overcommitted … and loving it.

Today’s schedule and task list: Dawn : PRAY, get up, answer emails, send last minute notes to team members for upcoming events (see below), shower and get dressed. Morning rush : Make coffee, pack lunches, dress children, feed children, feed husband, keep everyone relatively quiet while husband attends work conference …


That kid stole my smile.

Lauren Panzica, a fellow member of Justice Network, sent me a bundle of photos from her various mission trips around the world. As I flipped through them, this one soon filled my screen. Right then my son walked in, a smile in his voice. “That kid stole my smile! The …

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