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Zach’s Broken Leg


Remembering More

Today marks two years since Zachary shattered his femur, changing the course of our summer. I feel tremendously selfish to steal this national holiday for our very tight-knit family history. My youngest brother currently serves in the military. My oldest brother served in Kuwait. And Saudi Arabia. And Iraq. And …

Not Yet Four Weeks Later

Thursday marks four weeks since Zach got his cast off. (If you missed this whole summer saga, go back and read this and this.) (The sound is a little annoying. I’m sorry about that. The neighbors’ pool filter is acting funny since Irene.) The orthopedist gets almost giddy when he …

A Quickie

We started physical therapy yesterday. I must admit my expectations were … um … easily exceeded. Not because I’ve had a bad experience with PT in the past, quite the contrary actually, but rather because of our experience with the doctor who recommended this specific therapist. Thankfully, we had a …

Big Birthday Wishes

My baby turned six last night. I still have very mixed feelings about this. When Ellie turned seven earlier this year, I had some major issues to face, stuff worthy of a separate post. This one, though, was different. I now have two big kids in my house. Two big …

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