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A subtle sneak in the backdoor

I don’t want to startle anyone, so I’ll just whisper a quick little “Hello.” It has been almost three months since my last blog post. I’ll not apologize and I certainly don’t feel guilty. It has been a wonderful season, centered on my family and on rest and … I’ve …

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Why we don’t need more missionaries

When I was 21 I lived in war-torn Bosnia. I spent three months there working with the UNHCR (United Nations Head Commissioner for Refugees) on behalf of my sending organization. (It was UFM International at the time, but now goes by the name CrossWorld.) Military teams escorted me through and around …


When Lies Hold You Captive

It seems silly to find personal insight and challenging truths in an animated flick about a girl with magic, glowing hair, but — that’s just what happened. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.” I think he was right. I’ve been going through a desert of …


Lent in Reverse: Fasting from God (part 1)

With surprising (and embarrassing) clarity, I could see hours wasted and opportunities missed. They stacked in messy piles around the corners of my mind, cluttered like the scene of forgotten landfills. Scavenger birds drew near and the sun set while an evangelist in a worn broad-striped suit proclaimed this was …

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