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When Lies Hold You Captive

It seems silly to find personal insight and challenging truths in an animated flick about a girl with magic, glowing hair, but — that’s just what happened. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.” I think he was right. I’ve been going through a desert of …


It’s okay to be rained on.

Sometimes the cyclone of activity around me fuels energy, productivity and gratitude. Other times it paralyzes me. I crumble beneath its force, feeling fully inadequate to stand, much less make any progress. Not long ago I wrote about being over-committed and loving it. This week I’m not loving it. In …

two houses

A Tale of Two Houses

In Matthew 7 Jesus tells a slew of parables. At first glance, they may seem like tiny, unrelated vignettes. First we read of logs and specks in eyes and the challenge not to be hypocritical. We have dogs, pearls and pigs, which seems to suggest wise stewardship of our time …

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