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Associated Press/Photo by ed S. Warren

Um … Nevermind?

Yesterday I posted an extensive piece about gay marriage and the recent announcement from World Vision that they would openly hire people in legal same-sex marriages. Just hours after I posted my response, they reversed their decision. In their letter of recapitulation and apology, World Vision stated: “… we failed …

freedom fighter

I am a freedom fighter.

There are over 27 million slaves in the world today. That’s more than ever before in history … and that’s a conservative estimate. Some studies suggest that 29 million is a more accurate number. I don’t want to think about this; I want to close my eyes and pretend it’s …

Make your move.

I am an accidental abolitionist. I just fell into it, really. Once exposed to the atrocities of modern-day slavery, it’s impossible to forget … to grow apathetic. There are many things I love about these videos. While some of these people did huge things, others just did what they could …

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