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This morning I read a great post by Tommy Walker (promoted by blogging guru Jon Morrow). He highlighted seemingly innocuous ways writers sabotage themselves … you know, by being inconsistent, eschewing schedules, or ignoring their blogs … like what I did all last week. I’m not intentionally ignoring you. I promise. Sometimes, however, real …

Sandy via wikipedia

Surviving Sandy

I live in New Jersey. There. I’ve said it. We’ve lived here for over eight years, yet I’m still reluctant to admit it. I love it here, but Friends and Seinfeld are so much more appealing than The Sopranos, Jersey Shore or Real Housewives, and Manhattan is only twenty minutes away. Regardless, it’s time …

Solid Reads

Here are a few of the excellent things I’ve read this week. The Dark Knight Rises Indeed: Rod Arters wrote this in response to this week’s Colorado tragedy. It questions what truly spawns such events. We see seemingly senseless acts of violence again and again and again. Our reactions, however, rarely …

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