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God’s Love

He never lets go.

“Oh, my soul overflows! Oh, what love … perfect love that never lets go.” Today I am consumed with gratitude that, even in the face of all my failures, all my flaws, all my arrogance and weaknesses, God has never stopped loving me. How absolutely amazing is that? Amazing. Awesome. …

The Value of Life

Last week I mentioned an upcoming post on after-birth abortion. Life happened, and I didn’t get to publish my thoughts. I’m glad. A major case was decided last week that plays a part in this discussion. An Oregon couple filed a “wrongful birth” suit … and won. Parents, whose daughter …

Content with Broken Promises

One year ago this week we put our house on the market. Today I wandered through a fistful of old blog drafts, posts never published. This is one I wrote somewhere in the midst of all the chaos we survived last year. God is so good! He does indeed do …

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