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In the Dailies: Finding God in the Midst of the {seemingly} Mundane

3d-book-cover UPDATEDWhat happens when a girl bound for third-world missions finds herself stuck in the suburbs as a stay-at-home mom? Where is the great and glorious adventure in that? Is it possible to find God in the midst of potty training, sleepless nights, and parenting chaos?

This isn’t a book about parenting. It’s not about running a home or being a wife or juggling life, parenting and ministry in the suburbs. This is a book about God and finding Him in the details. It’s about hearing Him in the day to day, no matter where your day to day might be or what it might hold. No matter what title you possess or what preconceived ideas you have of Him.

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NIV Bible for Women: Fresh Insights for Thriving in Today’s World

DSC_0006Published by Zondervan and released September 2015, this Bible offers relevant articles throughout the text. While some offer deep insights into the biblical texts, most offer tangible, real-life applications relevant to the struggles women face today. You can find my pieces nestled in the chapters of 1 Samuel, 2 Kings, and 1Chronicles.

Other contributing authors include Christine Caine, Sarah Bessey, Margaret Feinberg, Rachel Held Evans, Annie Downs, and Naomi Zacharias … among others!

Available in Hardcover or Kindle.
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More Books to Explore

Over the years I’ve also helped a number of very talented writers produce their books. Below are a few of those published works. I highly recommend each and every one of these!

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