Big Word Wraps With Jehoshaphat’s Reign

Last night was our final Big Word meet of the season. We finished 1 Kings a couple weeks ago and spent last night in 2 Chronicles getting another perspective on the reign of King Jehoshaphat (of Judah) and his relationship with King Ahab (of Israel). Here is a video recap of our discussion.

I apologize both for the low light and thunder (a massive storm rolled in right before I started recording). Actually, it might be a good thing. I was diagnosed with pink eye yesterday (both eyes), so the poor quality saves you from seeing too much of my make-up-less, red, swollen itchy-ness. :)

Want more?

The end of the book doesn’t require you to stop studying! If you missed any of the study guides, you can find them on the Big Word page, along with links to other studies and books of the Bible. Also, check out these articles based on archaeological finds:

  • Palaces: This article offers a look at the palaces of Solomon, Asa and Omri, among others. It includes photographs, illustrated depictions, diagrams and more.
  • How Bad Was Jezebel?Courtesy of Bible History Daily, this article discusses the life and times of Queen Jezebel. This is a heavily academic piece, but it offers some great insights, along with photographs of related artifacts.

This novelized account by Ginger Garrett may interest you, too:

As with all historical novelizations, please remember that authors take creative license to imaginatively fill in the gaps between what is known. Biblical novels are no exception. Always check what you read — fiction or not — against the truths of Scripture.

Talk to me.

What impacted you most in our study of 1 Kings? Big Word will likely return in the fall (September) to dive into the rest of the story, as told in 2 Kings. What other books of the Bible would you like to study together?

Talk to me!

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