BIG WORD Update: 1 Samuel Continues!

Have you noticed the new tab in our menu? It’s been there for a few weeks and I am just now drawing your attention to it!

We’ve been hosting Bible studies on this site since last fall. Affectionately dubbed “BIG WORD”, we are currently studying 1 Samuel. Last fall we did Judges. We didn’t officially do Bathsheba, but since that was a pretty lengthy series on this blog, I included that on the BIG WORD tab as well.

All of these Bible studies are FREE for you to download and either participate with us here online or use them in your own small group Bible studies. Either way, I want to hear from you! I would LOVE to know what you’re learning about God and what He is teaching you through your study.

For our current study posts typically go up on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month (immediately following our in-house discussions on Wednesday nights). This week, however, I have a very special guest blogger visiting tomorrow and on Friday. I’ve posted our next set of “homework” already and am now opening the floor (aka comments section) for your thoughts on our last few chapters.

Your Turn: What did you discover in the study this week? How about that scene with Dagon? Wasn’t that AWESOME?!

Talk to me!

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