Big Word returns!

Did you know this website offers FREE Bible studies? Yes, this site. The one you’re currently on and reading. The Big Word Bible Studies Tab will take you to a page that offers downloadable homework and studies perfect for individual or group use. You’ll also find discussion notes and book links there.

So far we’ve studied the topic of modern day idolatry (with Kelly Minter’s book No Other Gods) and the Old Testament books of Judges (with Sandra Glahn’s Coffee Cup series) and 1 Samuel (a study I wrote).

Next week we will begin the second book of Samuel.

What is Big Word?

It’s a Bible study offered both in my home an online. The in-home group meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month; the online group meets here the following Thursday. We don’t spend much time chatting or snacking. Rather we dive right into God’s big Word. Our purpose is to know and serve Him fully.

To date we have focused primarily on the Old Testament because … well, I love the Old Testament! It makes up two-thirds of Scripture and yet is grossly undervalued (in my opinion). We find plenty of practical, personal application right there and we do get into the New Testament passages as well, especially when they reinforce what we see in the Old Testament.

Who can participate?

Anyone! If you’re local, give me a call to get meeting details. If you’re not local, simply join us online next Thursday.

What do I have to do?

The studies do involve a bit of homework, but we offer plenty of time to complete it, even if you have a very full schedule. The homework consists of seven assignments that have you read a few chapters of Scripture and then relfect on them. That’s it. And you have two weeks to complete the those seven rather simple assignments.

You certainly don’t have to do the homework to participate, but it will help you engage the conversation.

To get a look at the format and type of homework we do, click HERE or on any one of the links to our 1 Samuel study.

I hope you’ll join us! :)

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