First Samuel

1st Samuel framedThe Old Testment books of Samuel were originally one text. Being large and cumbersome, translators broke it into two parts for early manuscripts of the Septuigent (early Greek translations of Scripture). Around the 15th century, however, it was officially broken into two books.

This study (initially hosted on the website Spring 2012) covers First Samuel. That includes the lives of Samuel (the last judge, also a prophet), Saul (the first king of Israel) and the beginning of David (Israel’s greatest king). From a historical perspective, this is a critical time in Israel’s history. The nation’s governance went from priestly rule to judicial rule and now, in this book, to a monarchy. The transition is not an easy one for God’s people.

Through this study you will learn about true faith in God, a faith that requires trust in Him and not in ourselves or the people surrounding us. It’s an excellent study in patience, rightly placed confidence and choosing what is best over what is simply good enough.

Outline of 1 Samuel

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