Second Kings

Second King Bible StudyFall 2013 found us in Second Kings. In just four months we explored the lives and stories of 28 different monarchies and 17 prophets. WOW! That’s a lot … fortunately, we have one very big God who lead us through it all with some key themes. The biggest one being HOLINESS.

God is holy; there is none like Him. And He has called us to be holy, as well. As His people, we are to be distinct and set apart, different from the world that rejects Him.

The 8-week study also unveiled these truths:

  • God will not share His throne.
  • God is long-suffering, yet He persistently pursues those whom He loves.
  • Sin and idolatry have consequences.
  • One person fully devoted to God can make a huge difference in a nation.

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