Big Word: 2 Kings 14-16

It’s time to continue our Big Word study of 2 Kings. This week we’re on chapters 14–16.

Yes, I am wrapped in an afghan. Yes, I use the words sonow, and and way too much.

While the video below offers a surface recap of last night’s discussion, there is no way that I condense our 90-minute diolog into just 12 minutes. What you’re missing here are all the dynamic speculations of what motivated these kings.

One of my main goals with Big Word is to highlight the reality and humanity of the Old Testament. These aren’t fables or legends. This is history. These aren’t fictional characters, but real people who really lived. And the same God who worked in, through and around their circumstances does the same for us today.

There is great encouragement to be found in God’s enduring patience and love.

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Talk to me: What is God teaching you these days? What struck you the most in these chapters?

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