Big Birthday Wishes

My baby turned six last night. I still have very mixed feelings about this. When Ellie turned seven earlier this year, I had some major issues to face, stuff worthy of a separate post. This one, though, was different. I now have two big kids in my house. Two big kids and no little ones.

Ellie proved how big she is by decorating her first cake — all by herself! That’s right, my girl designed her brother’s cake and she did a wonderful job with it. She even made the frosting from scratch. Here is her beautiful creation.

She made the chocolate dinosaur molds and lined up all the “dinosaur eggs” around the bottom. She even did the first part of the lettering. I’m so proud of her!

Zach blew out his candles and made one big wish.

Surprising us all, that wish came true today.

I can now see two skinny legs. One is a couple inches shorter and still — even after a rather long bath with watermelon bath bubbles — a touch stinkier than the other, but, oh, it’s such a beautiful sight!

I want to tell you more, to share all the details, but it has been an exhausting, emotional, unexpected day. We’re all wiped. God answered our prayers! I wish my faith were so that I expected those answers just as they came, that my trust prevented surprise at God’s goodness. But my faith too often waivers. Pessimism guards my heart against shattered hopes and then miracles find me utterly unprepared.

Details will follow. I’m off to praise and delight in miracles given me.

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