“The Bible” miniseries vs. First Kings {Big Word}

We’re up to chapters 12-14 in 1 Kings. Our discussion this week got a little hijacked though. We spent most of our time talking about “The Bible” miniseries on The History Channel and the appointment of a new pope. It’s funny how even these tangents of current events tie in to the Old Testament.

Here is our latest vlog recap. It starts with a brief reaction to “The Bible” miniseries then expands into our study and how the two intertwine in application for us today.

Obviously 13 minutes could never contain all of our 90-minute discussion last night or the 8 pages of study guide we covered in preparation. If you’ve not yet downloaded the homework for these chapters, I encourage you to do that. There’s so much more to explore in this short passage of Scripture! Leave your thoughts, questions and observations in the comments below.

I’ve formatted the next homework pack a bit differently. It covers only two chapters, but in that short time, we’ll meet fourteen kings of two nations. That’s a lot. :) Rather than pose an abundance of reflective and introspective questions, I invite you to complete some fast facts and a simple timeline. Hopefully this will assist all of us in a greater understanding of who’s who when and where.

Download the study guide for chapters 15-16 here.

Your Turn: Have you been watching “The Bible?” What do you think? What impacted you most from the stories within these chapters?

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