August Ellie-isms & Zach Attacks

I’m a little late this month. Sorry! Here are the Ellie-isms and Zach Attacks for August.


Ellie: “I love you, Mommy. You know everything about spreading butter. Thank you for teaching me and Zach!”

Zach: “Do you think my fingers can help the pee-pee come out?”

Ellie: “I don’t like lobster; I only like shrimp.”
Me: “Well, lobster is kind of like shrimp. Just try a little bit.”
Ellie: “Mmmmm. It tastes like shrimp. Mommy, you’re so tricky. How did you get shrimp inside that lobster?”

Ellie, while eating lobster: “I have a great idea! How about you do the cracking and hunting and I do the eating?”

Me: “Who’s a big boy?”
Zach: “Ants. Ants are big boys.”

Ellie: “Boys don’t like to see girls’ underwear, do they, Mama?”

Ellie, singing in the back seat, roughly to a tune from “The Sound of Music”: “So-do-la-fa-do-ti-do. When you know the notes to sing, you can sing every song!”

Me: “Ah-choo!!” (real sneeze)
Zach: “Ah-choo!” (fake sneeze)
Ellie: “Zach, are you being a copy cat?”
Zach: “No. I’m a sneeze cat.”

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