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I read way more than I post. I think way more than I say. A while back I posted a link dump and am considering doing it more often. Maybe even on a weekly basis. Here are a few impactful pieces I encountered this week.

Seminary Dropout 017: Jamie Wright

Those of you who follow me on facebook know that I greatly appreciate Jamie Wright. I’ve linked to her posts a number of times, one even earlier this week. She recently did a podcast with Shane Blackshear. It’s a one-hour interview. You can listen to it HERE. Be warned: this is Jamie being Jamie. You will hear her honestly tackle depression, missions, churchy-ness and authenticity within the body of believers. She does this in her way, with blunt, no-nonsense language, even some cursing.

Speaking of Jaime, she wrote another post about sex this week. While the post itself didn’t extraordinarily impress me, it did raise an interesting issue that I feel should be discussed more. Does the church promote virginity or purity? This whole “true love waits” initiative possesses great intent, but perhaps — no, not perhaps. We ARE missing the bigger picture, which is purity. Purity stretches far beyond the realms of singleness. There might be another blog post in that. Oh, wait! I wrote one last summer: A Beautifully Distinct Purity.

Six Words You Should Say

This piece by Hands-free Mama touched me. Most parents desire to encourage our kids, but the way we do it, the words we choose, don’t always have the intended effect. Sometimes a simple tweak of phrase gets to the true heart of what we mean. Read this great post HERE.

Watching Our Language — via Deeper Church

When a friend linked to this on facebook, I thought it would be about our foul words and the increase in Christians accepting this as normal and okay. This article is not about that at all. (That’s a discussion for another day.) It’s about two words — friendship and discipleship — and how we use them, if we use them the way Christ intended.

The church has become an institution. I don’t believe it was ever meant to be that. It was meant to be a Body, a community, a growing and breathing organism of faith. Somehow, though, we’ve turned it into this overly programmed huddle of “ministries.” We’ve compartmentalized our lives so much that we see people as projects. THIS ARTICLE invites us to evaluate that in line with what Jesus really called us to do.

For When You Have Bible Baggage

Addie Zierman writes one of my favorite blogs: How to Talk Evangelical. This week she posted an absolutely beautiful piece about trigger points in faith journeys, about how to find God in spite of our religiously wounded pasts. It’s raw, honest and so fully heartfelt. Read it HERE.

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It’s your turn! What have you read this week that left an imprint on your thoughts and heart?

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