Christmas Recap

At the end of November I posted about celebrating Advent and a couple resources I planned to use. I did, in fact, use them. I did, in fact, plan to post about how it went and what we did, but then I remembered the 12 Pearls of Christmas and … well, life got busy and I never got to blogging.

Here’s a very belated, but super-quick recap.

I really enjoyed Christmas this year! We kept our tradition of the Advent calendar, and as always, the kids loved it. Ellie worked hard to think up “good” questions to discuss each night after filling our Nativity scene with whichever little ornament was hidden behind that day’s door.

Using our cool resources, we also reviewed several passages of Scripture and did some fun crafts: made ornaments, cookies, chocolates, snowmen, snowflakes and fruits covered in cloves. We learned about Saint Nicholas, symbols of Christmas, Epiphany and the legends of the candy cane and fireflies (two separate stories).

We went to a drive-through lights show.

The kids performed in two concerts (one for school and one for church). Ellie even played the bells! and Zach was a wise man in the preschool Christmas musical.

All in all, it was a great season. I was more than a little sad to take down our tree this weekend.

There was one lesson of Advent that particularly struck me this year. I’ll not dilute the point by including it in a crazy-long randomness and recap post. Like Whimzie, I think I’ll try to “keep ’em thin in 2010.”

Stay tuned.

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