After pride … {Big Word: 1 Kings 9-11}

I smiled at the passenger seat and congratulated myself on such Pinterestic perfection. There, beautifully nestled in a clever contraption of cooling rack and breakfast tray, sat thirty fruit-filled cones. Ellie’s birthday treat for school.

The forthcoming blog composed itself as I rounded the second block. I had taken plenty of pictures before leaving home, so that I could show you all how wonderful I am. Your kids would envy my kids and all that. Then something went wrong.

They all fell.

Mango slices and blueberries scattered. Strawberries rushed to stain my car seats. Sugar cones stared at me, their mouths agape and empty. It was like a slow motion scene from The Godfather. Violins played a mournful tune as I watched the carnage, completely unable to stop it.

Clearly I had missed a key point in our Big Word study this week: After pride comes the fall.

Solomon wrote that. Proverbs 16:18 goes on to say “Pride leads to destruction.” He also said “Better is little with fear of the Lord than great treasure with trouble.” (Proverbs 15:16) 

This week in Big Word we covered 1 Kings 9–11 which includes the pride and subsequent fall of King Solomon. He was wise, but, as many in our group noticed, he did a number of very foolish things.

Here’s a video re-cap of major points.

If you missed the homework, you can download it here. You’ll find so much more in the study guide than I can possibly fit into a 15-minute video.

Our next set of homework will be available shortly. Please forgive me for being late in getting it to you. I’ve had a few issues with the website since Thursday and … well, I’ve been cleaning up fruit and hosting a slumber party for a houseful of third-graders. But talk to me! I want to know what you think.

Your Turn: As we’ve explored the life of Solomon, what has impacted you the most? What has God shown you about His character and our positions before Him?

Talk to me!

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