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Hello! Thanks for visiting my site. I am so glad you’ve come.

My name is Tanya Dennis.

I am a child of God, a writer and a mom. My greatest desire is to help others find God in the dailies, to recognize and experience the extraordinary, living, breathing God in ordinary life.

Follow this link to a fuller biography.

I am passionate about Bible study.

I find the people of Scripture absolutely fascinating. I delight in helping people fall in love with God — not because of the difference He can make in our lives, but simply because He is supremely awesome to know. He is that worthy! The rest is just frosting. And there is a lot of frosting.

Follow this link to access my Bible studies, all available free through my blog or as .pdf downloads. Use them for your personal study or within a small group. Then come back and let me know what you think.

I write and I teach.

I post about three times a week here on my blog. It’s a mishmash of thoughts about faith, books, writing, parenting and finding God in the dailies. I’m also a regular contributor to Writer Interrupted and a number of other sites and publications. If you want to know more about what I do professionally as a writer and freelance editor, visit my Writing page.

While I adore most aspects of writing and research, my greatest pleasure comes in teaching. (See above where I wrote about Bible study.) I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Bible (emphasis in missions) from Cairn University (formerly Philadelphia College of Bible). I have over three years’ experience speaking and teaching groups of different styles and sizes, from retreat-like weekend events to formal ladies’ events and living room Bible studies.

Do you need a speaker for your church or event? I would love to share with you! Visit my Speaking page to learn more or complete the contact form below to explore dates and opportunities.

I do a lot of other stuff, too.

I would love to do all this stuff all the time, but most of my days are spent in marketing, client relations, and other stuff for my day jobs. Not that I’m complaining! Being a travel agent is pretty fun. :) If you’d like to explore my day job as a travel professional (specializing in Disney vacations and all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean) or my freelance work as a graphic or web designer, jump over to my Services page.

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