A Quickie

We started physical therapy yesterday. I must admit my expectations were … um … easily exceeded. Not because I’ve had a bad experience with PT in the past, quite the contrary actually, but rather because of our experience with the doctor who recommended this specific therapist. Thankfully, we had a wonderful first appointment. Seriously, great. Zach and I both came home excited, energized and encouraged.

Look at that. I unintentionally created an alliterated trilogy. Nice.

In a related note, do other writers ever tire of having a constant and persistent editor observing from a cranial balcony?

So here’s the big announcement: not only did Zach stand up by himself yesterday, he also took two steps last night. How cool is that?! The therapist said our goal is to have him walking by Friday. BY FRIDAY!!

God is so good.

And that is all I have to say today.

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