A Perfectly Perfect Morning

My kids are on spring break. We had planned to spend this week with friends from their old school, but they’re all on break next week. So it’s just me and the munchkins. That may sound quite delightful — in fact, I thought it would be fun! And then I remembered how long it has been since I’ve been stranded trapped blessed to have my kids home with me all day every day.

Day One was rough. I went into it with my typical Monday tunnel vision and overly ambitious to-do list. The kids went into it expecting mommy-made theme parks.

Yes, I once was that stay-at-home mom who made every day an adventure. You may remember tie-dye parties, plentiful seized teachable moments (even those involving toilets), rainy day beach parties (complete with Moon Sand castle contests and bathtub swimming) and all sorts of “Forced Family Fun.” Yeah … that was when I was cool. But then my kids started school and, left to my own devices, I became a WORK-at-home mom with all sorts of grown-up responsibilities and goals.

Back to spring break.

Being the new “evolved” modern mama that I have become, I dragged my kids to the chiropractor’s office where I made them sit in the waiting room for an hour with carrots, fruit and a couple BrainQuest books. Then I took them to IKEA where we ate sub-par food (though they enjoyed it) before I dropped them off at Smaaland (the kiddie ball pit and play room) while I went shopping. After that I shoved them back in the car so we could go to at least three more stores.

I did stop for ice cream in the middle, but I went to my favorite shop, not theirs.

Then we came home and I complained that I didn’t want to be outside; I had work to do! I mean, c’mon. Can’t they teach themselves how to roller skate and ride bikes without training wheels?! They are 7 and 5. (Please note my sarcasm.)

As the icing on the cake, I then threw a little hissy fit when they didn’t want to join me on a trip to the grocery store. “Don’t you children want to eat??”

Yup. I was a stellar mama.

Today is Day Two. And it’s a brand new day.

Do you know what was my favorite part of the day before the kids started school? The mornings. Every single morning the kids would climb into bed with me and we would cuddle or read books or just play silly little games in Mama and Daddy’s bed. Those were sweet moments.

This morning I stayed in bed and we has some of those sweet moments. As Zach tried to tickle me and steal Daddy’s pillow, Ellie snuggled up to me and sighed. “Mama, this is just perfectly perfect – isn’t it?”

It sure is.

A few weeks ago I babysat a friend’s two-year-old. As I cared for that sweet little one I was reminded how critical the job is, how huge the responsibility of caring for children … and what an honor. As my kids have gotten older, I’ve forgotten the gravity of my charge.

This is what’s true: If I do nothing else in my life, I want to make a difference in the lives of my children. It really doesn’t matter how many purses I sell or articles I publish. I will live if I never see my name on the cover of a book (instead of just in the acknowledgements). My “work” will not last. But these children? These perfectly perfect moments can impact them for eternity.

God, help me to remember what’s most important. Help me to see and seize teachable moments that they may experience You through me, that I may adequately point them toward You.

It’s amazing how perspective can make such a tremendous difference. Here’s the rest of Spring Break!

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