A (never to be) forgotten Ellie-ism

My mother-in-law was just over and reminded me of an Ellie-ism from this month. I can’t believe I forgot to include it in the earlier post! Here goes. Picture a family reunion with my husband’s family. His sister has come all the way from North Carolina with her family. An aunt and uncle we haven’t seen in years travelled from Nashville and Long Island. As all these relatives sit around the table eating dessert, this is what my daughter says:

Ellie: “You know what, Grandma? I get sick if I eat too much ice cream. You know what makes my mom sick?”

Here she takes a bite of her ice cream cake giving Grandma just enough time to ask “What?” and everyone’s ears to perk up.

Ellie: “When she drinks too much.”

Yup. I’m a lush. Actually, I very clearly remember the conversation that spawned this public humiliation. And, yes, I admit it. I do get “sick” if I drink too much … coffee.

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