A little housekeeping

Hey! A few quick housekeeping items for the site.

First, there will be no Ellie-isms or Zach Attacks posted for December. With a little girl in preschool and a boy at the beginning stages of potty training, all the funny quotes from this month relate to body parts. *grin* Didn’t think I should publish those. Invite me for coffee and you’ll hear all about it.

Secondly, I want to offer a little closure tn the reading challenge I did this fall. The deadline was Christmas Eve. Click HERE to see my original posts. I listed 8 books that I hoped to finish before the deadline and another 6 bonus titles. Quantitiatively, I did great! I completed 11 books and am a quiet afternoon away from finishing 3 more. Not bad – huh? The problem, though, is that only one of the books I completed is actually on the list. The good news: I discovered two new authors and am really looking forward to their next books, both being released in February. (Robin Caroll is actually new and James Scott Bell is just new to me. I’ve posted reviews of the two books I read over on the Bookshelf.) So, what have I learned? Reading goals are good, but my rebellious nature works responds better to a record than homework. In other words, challenge myself to reach a number of completed books and not a list of specific “have to read” books.

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