A glimpse of our summer chaos

This weekend, as I fluttered from the kitchen to the living room and then to the office and back and forth again, my husband called me “the absent-minded professor.” Hopefully this refers to my multi-tasking and not a tendency to forget important events or cause explosions.

The fact is I’ve got a lot going on right now. We have swim lessons this week and dance camp next week. Then come Z’s birthday, visits from out-of-state friends and family, out-of-state showers and parties and vacation and … Before we know it, the summer with be gone.

The kids and I are taking a very light approach to homeschool this summer. They have workbooks and reading time each day, flashcards and other assignments sprinkled here and there. I’ve also added daily household chores. We have a whiteboard upon which I write the week’s schedule. They can then complete everything at their own pace. One rule: no screens or friends until the day’s jobs are done. The system seems to be working. I don’t have to hover — which I love! — and they learn responsibility. I, meanwhile, learn more about their personalities.

Zach, for example, loves to do the entire week’s work on Monday morning. He doesn’t like “wasting” his time on items I’ve selected for him to do.

Ellie, on the other hand, loves to procrastinate. She will find all sorts of entertainment — raiding our recycling for craft materials, toys she hasn’t played with in years, extra “helpful” jobs for me that aren’t on her list — anything that helps her put off work.

In addition to all this life, I have work.

Yes, I know I’m self-employed. Well … kind of. “Employed” makes it sound like I get paid. I do, but not enough to warrant stress. My husband frequently tells me to ask my boss for a break now and then. My boss, however, is trying to teach me some discipline. I don’t know if it’ll stick, but I’m working on it. One thing I do know: now is not the time to quit.

I have two book proposals volleying around my head, one of which I hope to finish in the next couple days, and a website re-design I hope to launch before September. If you follow me on facebook, you know I’ve launched a design contest for a new logo. You can check out the finalists here. It’s been a fascinating process!

Today my prayer is this:

Teach us to number our days,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
— Psalm 90:12 (NIV)

Lord, I want to be wise with my time, with my efforts. I want to pursue You even in the chaos. Help me to know what should be set aside and what must not be neglected. I don’t want to choose what is merely good when You have what is best in mind. Help me to serve You only, to seek You daily, to never run ahead or away from the tasks You have prepared for me to complete.

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