A Few Glitches in Time

Our house has been without electricity over 90 hours. Living like the Amish isn’t quite as glamorous as all those Christian novels lead us to believe. Forget learning how to make coffee without electricity, to cook by candlelight and stay awake past sundown. The whole experience offers a crazy sense of time warp. It’s like life stands still, but only for us. The week has passed and we’re all but oblivious to it.

Part of me wants to share with you stories of life in the aftermath of Sandy, but meditating on them only discourages me. After days without internet access, the sudden flood of information overwhelms me. We are still in PA, still safe with family, but the accounts of friends back home continue to reach us. Each one floods me with a little more survivor’s guilt. Why are we so blessed? Why are we the fortunate ones able to get out? To have warmth and security and food? I want to help, but can’t. If we had stayed, we would be in the same situation as all of them, perhaps even making it worse by assisting the depletion of resources.

And so I pray.

And ask you to continue to pray.

There are a few other time glitches going on around here.

Big Word Update

With a fifth Wednesday in the month and then the lovely hurricane, we’ve slipped a bit behind. Actually, it’s just me who is behind, but I appreciate the commaraderie of shared ownership. :) Our next meeting is November 14th with an online discussion on the 15th. The applicable homework is finally available. You can download it HERE.

(Please note that since we still do not have electricity at home, I am working off of a very old laptop armed with Windows 2003. Yes, it is nearly ten years behind. I’ll update the homework and all into the current format once power returns.)

If you missed any of the previous worksheets or discussions, you can find them all on the Big Word page. I updated everything there this morning.

Subscriber Update

The second is a glitch with archive posts for subscribers. Since updating the website, I have slowly methodically been transferring old posts to the new host. I had no idea those of you who subscribe are getting all of those in email form as if they’re new posts. I’m so sorry! I’m not yet sure how to fix this, but I’ll not transfer any more posts until I find a solution.

If you’ve not yet subscribed to the blog, you can in the right sidebar. This will drop new posts directly into your Inbox without having to access the website. You can also follow along on Facebook or Twitter. All new blog posts automatically link up there.

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