A Big Bottle of Sunshine

After nine consecutive days of rain, Monday brought the sun back. Tuesday provided a taste of summer, a gorgeous day with no agenda. I think I’m still there. I skipped “Mama Loves” this week, but simply because I’ve been living it. Sleeping late and cuddling with bundles of giggles. Surrendering to a field of sweet-smelling grass; lying there with a book while the kids run and play with friends. Taking nature walks and attempting to skip rocks across the pond.

A song by Milkshake has been stuck on a loop inside my head. Yes, children’s music, but it’s fun and perfect for days like this.

“I’ve got a big bottle of sunshine.
Mix it up with a bowl full of daydreams.
Pour it into a suitcase full of laughter that I’ve found.
You won’t find me sitting around.
There’s only so much time in the day
And I don’t have a minute to waste.”

Sometimes the best way to spend the day is by “wasting” it in the sun with those you love.

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