“50 Shades” Follow-up

Earlier this week I posted about purity. I challenged Christians to be light and salt, to pursue and protect purity, specifically as it relates to sex and marriage. Today I want to do a little follow-up on that post.

Contrary to my expectations, the response has been very positive. Stunning, actually. I braced myself for the haters that were sure to surface. Very few did. The post has been viewed over 2300 times in just two days and only three people have given negative feedback. Those numbers shock me. I’ve seen it forwarded, tweeted and shared more than any other post on this blog!

THANK YOU for supporting this message. I am exceedingly encouraged that so many of you have accepted the challenge and acted upon it. I am absolutely thrilled to see people willing to stand up for their marriages (be the present or future) and God’s intention for them. Bravo and praise God!

The discussion started with that post, but it didn’t end there. You may be interested to read some of the comments left on the original post. I am tempted to answer some of the critics in a more formal post, but that would lead to a lengthier discussion of pornography and … well, frankly, I don’t know that I want to write about that, even if it is from a conservative Christian perspective. I fear being a lightning rod for controversy. I will pray about it and we’ll see.

In the meantime, there are a few things I am very happy to write about. :) Like books, the progress toward Anya’s adoption and other ways you can make a statement for purity.

About the Magic Mike Challenge:

Brian and Laura’s goal for this week was $3,333. As of this afternoon they were at $2,381. You can follow their progress on the facebook page. This is only Week 1 in their fundraising efforts. You can still donate toward their adoption costs HERE. Every dollar makes a statement against objectification of women and for purity.

Books to investigate:

If you are looking for a resource of practical, biblical information that will spice up your love life, check out Kevin Lehman’s Sheet Music. In this book, Dr. Lehman uses his signature conversational style and years of clinical experience to prompt greater sex lives for Christian husbands and wives. The book examines common inhibitors to intimacy and encourages devotion and purity within marriage. I highly recommend it. (And according to previous comments, so do some of you!)

Justin and Trisha Davis are offering 8 Things that Destroyed our Marriage via their website. This isn’t really a book (It’s a ten-page collection of blog posts.) and it isn’t really free (You’re required to subscribe to their newsletter before gaining access to the book.), but it does have some solid, biblical advice.

The couple returned to ministry in 2009 after a four-year journey of restoration. Justin was a pastor when he had an affair with his secretary, a woman who was also Trisha’s best friend. Their book discusses factors that led to the deterioration of their marriage and how God led them to hope, grace and restoration.

The link takes you to a page where you request the book. They send you an email to confirm your subscription to their newsletter. After you confirm the subscription, you get another email with a link to the actual book. It is in .pdf format and should be compatible with most e-reader devices and apps, but since it’s only about ten pages, you can probably scan the article within a few minutes right on your computer. This is a convoluted process for a “free book,” I know. You can always un-subscribe from their newsletter.

Other Opportunities

Cheryl offered this link on facebook. Nomi Network is an organization that creates jobs for at risk women and survivors of human trafficking. They offer several ways to get involved — including purchasing their items, hosting a bag party, volunteering and donating. This is a fabulous way to make a statement about purity and against sex-driven industries. Thank you, Cheryl, for sharing!

If you have other ideas or know of other organizations that support this message, let us know! You can leave links in the comments section.

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