27 Million Stones

Shortly after I posted Shoes Against Human Trafficking, I connected with a woman in our area who also feels burdened for this cause. We shared our hearts and committed to doing something, anything about it. Recently we met again, this time to brainstorm and try to develop a plan.

Those of you who have followed my blog know my passion for the oppressed, my deep desire for abolition. I’ve written about it a number of times You can read some of that HERE, here, and here. But I want to do more than just write about it. The pen may be mightier than the sword, but sometimes it feels like a cowardly excuse for inaction.

With great excitement, I told my husband about our time together and how we were going to make a difference. We were going to do something. Always the practical one, his response stunted my enthusiasm.

“What are you going to do? We live in Bergen County.”

Translation: We’re nowhere near this problem. We live in a safe, comfortable, affluent suburb. Oh and by the way, you still have two kids and a family and responsibilities here, so you can’t just run off to Thailand on a rescue mission.

He’s right. I can’t. I can, however, do something. While that something may not make much of a dent in this massive problem, it will be infinitely better than doing nothing.

Last night CNN aired a special, sponsored by World Vision, called “Girl Rising.” Since I typically pass out before 10pm, I didn’t watch it. Yet. It’s on my Tivo patiently waiting for my attention. If you watched it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! Please leave a comment or two below.

Want to make a difference from where you are?

You CAN make a difference in and from wherever you are … even some snobby, rich, suburb. :) Check out these resources for ideas, inspiration and tips on how.

  • Exotic Suburbia: How to Discover the Mission on Your Doorstep :: This is an article I wrote for Of Dust and Kings about my journey of becoming a suburban missionary.
  • Everyday Justice :: This book by Julie Clawson investigates fair trade and how our daily choices can impact the extent of oppression and social injustices around the world.
  • Small Things with Great Love :: I’ve just begun this book by Margot Starbuck and have already been challenged. Good stuff.
  • Mission-Minded Family :: I wrote a two-part series for Proverbs 31 Woman about raising mission-minded kids. You can find that HERE. I’ve also created a pinterest board for collecting articles and ideas all about reaching the world from wherever you are … even the ‘burbs. Follow that HERE.

Talk to me.

Tell me about a time something seemingly insignificant made a lasting impact. What are your favorite ways to affect big change from wherever you are?

Talk to me!

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