Big and Small Opportunities {BIG WORD: 2 Kings 4-8}

This week something very cool happened. You know that our Big Word group includes people near and far. We have about 15 people who live near me and meet in my living room, but we also have 15-20 people who do the Bible study remotely. Most of these people I have never met. That number, however, went down by one this week. :)

Big Word-ites meet in real life!

Big Word-ites meet in real life!

Miranda and I have been writer buddies for about seven years and we finally — for the first time ever! — met face-to-face. It was so cool! I love when people move out of my computer into tangible life. You know, so I can hug them and share coffee or walks in the park with them. It’s kind of surreal, but so very  fantastic. Any time any of you are in NYC, let me know. I’d love to keep the number of “never-mets” going down.

Okay, on to our study … Our God is so good. 

This week we discussed 2 Kings 4–8. You can watch the video re-cap and then leave your thoughts and comments below. Now, I did talk at a slower pace this time — When I watched the last video I exhausted myself! Yowza. — but I managed to clip the first sentence. It begins …

“We serve an impartial God.”

If you want to learn more about the anti-trafficking organization I mentioned, visit the JUSTICE NETWORK website or see yesterday’s post.

If you missed the study guide for these chapters, you can download it here: 2 Kings 4–8.

And here is the study guide for next time: 2 Kings 9-13.

Visit the Big Word Bible Studies tab to explore past studies, videos and resources.

YOUR TURN: Talk to me about big and small opportunities you’ve faced, missed and taken. How does this section of the Old Testament challenge your faith?

Talk to me!

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