10-20-30 and some mama’s pride

This meme has flitted throughout the blogosphere. Heather Goodman and I secretly pouted about not being tagged. (It’s like being left out on the playground; the last kid picked.) At long last she was tagged and then she tagged me. Yeah! I apologize in advance if, after my huge build-up, the following seems lame. But here I was 10-20-30 years ago.

10 years ago — I was a junior at Philadelphia Biblical University. I was dating Rick (we were engaged May of 1998) and busy preparing for an overseas internship. I tried to learn Bosnian and build a support team. I lived in Jersey with my friend and her parents. We commuted an hour each way to get to school, so our job was at the campus bookstore. “Not just a college bookstore, but everyone’s Christian bookstore!”

20 years ago — I had just discovered boys. I lived in Churubusco, Indiana, and had the biggest backyard in “town.” We lived across the street from a pig farm. If you’ve never been to ‘Busco, you’re really missing something! It’s got two stoplights and is an hour from the nearest mall. My life ambition at the time was to be a lawyer or an actress. After seeing “Space Camp” I briefly toyed with the idea of being an astronaut, but then some kid told me Christians can’t be astronauts because God doesn’t want us reading horoscopes. I could be working for NASA now, if only eleven-year-olds were smarter.

30 years ago — I was 13 months old, tow-headed with big blue eyes, living on a farm. My favorite napping spot was on my brother. I would crawl up on my mom’s lap and sleep draped over her very pregnant belly. My brother and I are just that close. And I still love to cuddle.

There you go. Most of my blogging friends have already done this meme, but if you haven’t and you’re feeling left out, consider yourself duly tagged!

Now for some mama’s pride. *huge grin* Isabel wrote her name this week!!! She’s been practicing her writing for a while, but this is the first time she has gotten all the right letters in the right place. I’m so thrilled! Just had to share.

If you click on the picture, it will get bigger for you. Her name is at the bottom in blue. Only the “S” is backwards. Also, she drew a “T” inside a circle because she plans to send this picture to her Tia. The rest of the picture is, according to Ellie, a self-portrait of her as a monster. Notice the big teeth, eyes, cheeks and curly hair. She even drew little fingers at the ends of her arms. Not bad for a three-year-old, eh?

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